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Advice Zone

The Advice Zone should be your first point of contact for all student enquiries. They work closely with the other University support services and can refer you to them if needed. You can contact the Advice Zone on the web, over the phone or in person: Contact the Advice Zone.

Other Services for Students

You can find links to all the USW support services in the list at the bottom of this and most other UniLife pages. Many of these services have 'Contact Us' pages of their own, here are direct links to them:

Advice Zone
Centre for International English
Disability (contact info on homepage) Enrolment Exams Graduate School
IT Services
International Support
Mental Wellbeing
Payments (contact info on homepage)
Progression Results
Student Mentoring
Student Money Advice Team
Student Safety
Study Skills (contact info on homepage)
Welsh at the University

General University Contacts

The University's public-facing website has some extra contact details that may also be of use to students: University of South Wales: Contact Us.

UniLife Web Team

To give feedback on any of the UniLife webpages email the UniLife Web Team team: [email protected].