Covid-19 asymptomatic testing at USW

The University is working with the UK Government and the Welsh Government to offer asymptomatic testing programme which can quickly identify students who have Covid-19 but don’t have any symptoms.  

Home testing kits

Covid-19 asymptomatic home testing kits are available to students who are accessing our campuses for learning and teaching. The kits, which have been provided by the UK Government, contain seven lateral flow devices that you can administer yourself at home. You are advised to take two tests three days apart for each week that you are on-campus. To collect your home testing kit, you just need to book an appointment in the usual way via the USW Covid-19 test booking site. One kit (containing seven lateral flow devices) will be available at each booked appointment.   

When you are taking your tests at home, it will be your responsibility to register your test results online. It is really important that this part is completed so that there is an accurate level of testing and infection rates at USW. If anyone receives a positive test result, then they must isolate and book a PCR Covid--19 test through the NHS to confirm the positive result.  

On-site testing

If you don’t wish to complete the tests at home, we will still be running testing centres at each campus (Cardiff, Newport, and Pontypridd) until the end of July. These appointments continue to be available at Cardiff every Tuesday and Wednesday (10am to 2pm), and Newport and Treforest every Monday and Thursday (10am to 2pm). You can book an appointment via the USW Covid-19 test booking site as well. We are awaiting Government guidance about whether our on-site testing sites will be available after July, or if universities will move to home testing only.  

The locations of our asymptomatic testing centres have also altered in some campuses. At our Cardiff Campus, the testing centre is in the Mingles café area and in the Treforest Campus, the testing centre has moved to the Psychology Lounge in D Block. The testing centre at Newport Campus remains in the café area on B Floor. 

The test is quick and easy and should take no more than 15 minutes. Please remember if anyone within your household receives a positive test result, you will all need to self-isolate for 10 days.

Receiving results for on-site testing

Positive test result  

Students who receive a positive test result will need to self-isolate and book an NHS test to confirm the positive result. If the NHS (PCR) test is positive, you will need to self-isolate for 10 days from the date of your first test and all of your close contacts, including your household will need also need to self-isolate for 10 days.

Negative test result 

Please remember, a negative test result does not mean you have not been exposed to Covid-19 recently as the virus can incubate for up to two weeks before you develop symptoms. Please continue to be vigilant – socially distancing, wearing a face covering, regularly washing/sanitising your hands, and following all of the safety measures that are in place at our USW campuses.  

Whilst the testing is voluntary, we encourage all students to take part to help protect each other.