Course Representation

  • Course Reps exist to improve the course which they are elected to represent
  • To become a Course Rep, contact your Course Leader to put your name forward within the first few weeks of the academic year
  • There may be an election process to appoint course reps for each course
  • See the Course Reps pages on the Students’ Union website for more details.

What do Course Reps do?

Course Reps share the views of their fellow students with their Course Management Team so that learning and teaching can be improved for current and future students. This is important as it gives the student voice a central role in shaping students’ own learning experience.Course Reps also work with Student Voice Reps if an issue affects students across their School or Faculty. You can find more information about the role of Course Reps on the Students’ Union website.

Do Course Reps make a difference?

Absolutely! Course Reps play a crucial role in the quality mechanisms at USW and are central to making improvements to the student experience. They can deal with matters such as timeliness of feedback, course content, teaching methods, availability of books in the library, communication with staff, or access to facilities after hours.

Become a Course Rep

Course Rep elections will take place in your lectures within the first three weeks of term. Your Course Leader will make sure you know when they are and how to stand for a Course Rep position.Once you have been elected, you should ‘Register as a Course Rep’ using the link on your Academic Details page. This will allow you to be included in the Course Rep e-mail list and to receive Course Rep-related information (training dates, information about accreditation and social activities, etc.)


If you have any questions about being or becoming a Course Rep, contact the Student Voice Team in the Students’ Union.