The University of South Wales collects feedback from students in many different ways and uses it to improve and enhance the quality of teaching and learning as well as the overall student experience.

Ways to Give Feedback

National Student Survey

The National Student Survey is an annual survey that gathers opinions from UK final year undergraduate students about their time in higher education. It is an opportunity for students to feedback what they liked about their time at University as well as the thing they felt could have been improved.

Students’ Union

Course Reps work to improve the course which they are elected to represent, whereas Student Voice Reps address broader issues, operating at the faculty level. Both act as a voice for students to the University, speaking directly to decision makers and helping shape future policy.

Course Evaluations

Loop is USW’s online course and module evaluation system. You can provide feedback on your course and modules at any time of the year – completely anonymously, in either English or Welsh. This ensures we capture the views of all students irrespective of their start date and the duration of their course or modules. Giving feedback early in the year also means that we may be able to make changes soon enough for you to benefit from them!

You can also give feedback via the UniLife email address: [email protected]

You Said, We Did

Here are some examples of recent feedback we have received:

  • Sports Park food is unhealthy – USW Sports Park is working with its suppliers to develop solutions that can include healthy meals. The chicken wraps are also coming back!
  • The libraries need more books – The team have worked hard over the past year and have added to the collection. There is also a page where you can request book purchases.
  • You wanted to know what support is available and how to access it.
  • You wanted more course specific technology such as AutoDesk, Solidworks and Matlab. These are now available to download onto your device. You will need your University student email to register and download.