Fika is a "5 minute emotional workout app" for students, to help you get emotionally fit so you can thrive at university and beyond. It's designed to help you overcome nervousness, manage anxiety and beat stress by boosting your confidence, helping you build solid relationships and getting you better prepared to face whatever life throws at you.

Fika is built on an evidence-base of self-reflection, journaling and co-coaching and also draws on scientific evidence from CBT, ACT, Solution-Focused Therapy, mindfulness and positive psychology to build emotional fitness.

Fika exercises your emotions with daily 5 minute 'emotional workouts' that promote self-reflection and positive action. If you want to diver deeper you can choose additional workouts to do alone or with others and record your thoughts, feelings and discoveries in your private Fika journal.

Fika includes:

  • Daily 5 minute workouts that promote reflection and positive action
  • Access over 200 workouts tailored to every aspect of student life from ‘making the most of university’ to ‘relationship challenges’ and from ‘looking after yourself’ to ‘improving your performance’.
  • Emotional exercises you can do alone or with a friend
  • A guided private journal to record your thoughts and feelings
  • Tips and advice to help you learn the art of emotional exercise
  • An anonymous profile

USW students can access Fika's premium features for free:

  1. Download Fika and sign up ( iTunes / Google Play)
  2. Tap any premium content
  3. Find University of South Wales in the list
  4. Enter your USW email address
  5. Check your inbox for the verification email and click the link.

Fika is a Swedish word that literally means "to have a coffee", but it's really about the opportunity that a coffee (and cake) break gives to catch up and connect with people in a relaxed way, fostering community and good emotional health. A fitting name for the app.

Fika image from iOS