Getting Ready to Learn (Short Course)

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An introductory course to help you prepare for studying or continuing with your studies. 

Getting Ready to Learn will introduce you to the tools you will be using to aid your learning and provide an overview of the support services which will be crucial in getting the most out of your course. 

Visit the Getting Ready to Learn (open access) page before you have enrolled to familiarise yourself with activities and resources that will help you prepare for your studies. 

When you have set up your USW IT account and completed online enrolment you will have access to the Getting Ready to Learn (Short Course) on Blackboard. You can visit the Getting Ready to Learn course at any time, but we would encourage you to complete it before you start your course or module induction. 

While studying at USW you will use a range of learning technologies. Collectively we refer to these as Unilearn. In addition to the Getting Ready to Learn (Short Course), you can access all the guidance you need for these Unilearn tools on the University’s IT services website.

Please allow up to 48 hours after enrolment before accessing the course.

Course Structure

The course has core and optional elements. Completing the core elements should take about 1.5-2.5 hours. There are some useful optional elements we recommend you explore. The course will take longer if you choose to do this.

The course is structured around the following sections (each section below gives an approximate length of time it will take):

  • Course Introduction (5 mins);
  • International Students (applicable for international students only, 15 mins);
  • Using Unilearn (15 mins);
  • Study Skills (15 mins);
  • Using the Library Service (15 mins);
  • Using the Advice Zone (15 mins);
  • Using UniLife (10 mins);
  • Preparing for Induction (15 mins);
  • Additional Support (10 mins).

Accessing the Getting Ready to Learn Course

To access the course you will first need to log into Blackboard using your student email address (eg [email protected]) and password:


And then navigate to the Course Organisation ‘Getting Ready to Learn’ under “My Organisations”:

Screenshot 2021-08-02 at 17.34.01.png

When you are ready to begin, explore the Course Introduction section before moving on to the rest of the course. Use the menu on the left-hand side to navigate your way through the course. Note: on some devices the left-hand menu may be hidden. Click the narrow blue bar on the left of your screen, or the > icon near the top left on small screens, to show organisation menu. We recommend starting with, “Using Unilearn”, unless you are an international student, in which case we suggest starting with “International Students”.

If you have issues accessing this course, or any of the content in it, please contact IT Support.