What is UniLife Marketplace?

Marketplace is a student space on UniLife used to buy and sell items, search for/offer accommodation and to post notices advertising charities, societies or research you are involved in. Marketplace can be used for small-scale transactions, and/or services that generate casual earnings.

  • Marketplace must not be used for the sale of alcohol or tobacco products or for selling counterfeit items. It is not permitted to advertise alcohol in an irresponsible way e.g. offers and events at pubs/clubs/venues.
  • Certain items must not be resold, or resold at a profit once purchased e.g. railway tickets or some theatre tickets.
  • Students and staff are not permitted to sell food on campus (including charity fundraisers and bake sales). For Current Food Safety Regulations see Food sold on University Campuses.
  • Marketplace is not intended for advertising a business or a main source of income. Companies or products such as pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing and referral schemes promising free goods or cash are not permitted.
  • As a multicultural institution, the University celebrates diversity and students are encouraged to show respect for all members of the community. Items posted must treat others fairly, with dignity and respect and should not cause offence or be of a sensitive nature.
  • Do not post joke items or use Marketplace as a dating site. These adverts will be subject to moderation.
  • Always log out of UniLife as you can be held responsible for any activity on your UniLife account (even if someone else uses your account to play a practical joke). See IT Computing Regulations.

Although listings are not moderated before publication, the ‘Report this ad to a moderator’ button flags the advert which may be removed at the discretion of the UniLife team.

The University does not take responsibility for the quality of items or transactions on Marketplace. Always be mindful of your money, your property and your security, and if you arrange to meet do so in a safe, public place.

Note about advertising flat shares Flat share adverts are often flagged for moderation, as adverts which directly state cultural preferences can cause offence. The University does not prescribe how people lead their personal lives, and students may choose to live with others based on shared cultures, beliefs, sexual orientation or age.

How we moderate adverts where discrimination is complained about We assume that adverts are posted by a tenant looking for a fellow tenant(s).

We accept that some students would prefer to live in single sex flats. Adverts that specify a preferred sex for potential flatmates are not generally removed.

Adverts that specify a preferred race or skin colour, or explicitly or implicitly single out one group of students as undesirable are not acceptable.

Adverts that positively discriminate towards one group by default or negatively discriminate against other groups are unacceptable.

Adverts that state a preference for students from a particular background may be acceptable if there are likely to be cultural/behavioural/language differences between that group, and a student can reasonably justify a desire to live with those from a shared background.

Adverts must not be overtly negative in tone or implication.