Microsoft 365

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a suite of productivity apps and services. It's similar to what used to be called Office 365, and it's still referred to by that name in some places.

The University of South Wales uses Microsoft 365 in many aspects of its work, and USW students are expected to use parts of Microsoft 365 during their studies.

Some of the apps commonly used by USW students are:

  • Outlook - student emails and calendar
  • Word - writing essays and other text content
  • Excel - organising and working with data
  • PowerPoint - slideshows and presentation
  • Teams - online discussions, chat and video calls

There are over 20 apps in total in Microsoft 365, plus other services like online storage.

Accessing Microsoft 365

Use your USW student IT account to log in to Microsoft 365 here:

There are also several places with direct links to specific parts of Microsoft 365, for example the UniLife homepage (login required) has direct links to Outlook ('Your Mail') and OneDrive ('Your Storage').

Getting Help

USW IT Services - USW IT Services provide support with all IT related issues, including Microsoft 365.

Office 365 at The University of South Wales (login required)  - links to more support and training.

Community of Practice: Microsoft 365 learning pathways (login required) - a project to enhance digital literacy making use of Microsoft 365 applications.