Polls - The Results

  • This page is an archive of the UniLife polls  
  • Polls are used to gauge student opinions  
  • They are quick and easy but are not 100% accurate or representative
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Current Poll

Votes %
Virtual Networking
Lunch with a Librarian
Wellbeing Workshop
None of the above
What Welcome Events?

Our Welcome Events include a mix of digital and on-campus activities, dedicated to helping get a sense of the University life that awaits you. Events are open to all students – whether you are Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Home, EU or International. 

Older Polls

Votes %
Facebook 241 27
Twitter 92 10
Instagram 285 31
tumblr 6 1
LinkedIn 39 4
Pinterest 6 1
Snapchat 85 9
TikTok 73 8
WeChat 4 0
Other/None 78 9
TOTAL 909 100

Social media use changes frequently. We've previously run several polls about social media use by our students and we'd like to know what services are most popular at the moment If you think we've missed something please email [email protected] to let us know.

Votes %
UniLife 78 46
Social media 18 11
From lecturers or other USW staff 11 6
From friends 5 3
I don't find out about USW events! 58 34
Other 1 1

There is a wide range of USW events and workshops for current students on the events feed on UniLife. From Wellbeing to Study Skills - why not take a look at what is available?

Votes %
Yes, I'm committed to taking better care of myself 148 47
No, it's not a priority for me 51 16
I want to, but I’m not sure where to start? 116 37
Total -315 100%

Making just a few small lifestyle changes can significantly improve your overall wellbeing. The Wellbeing Service provide a variety of tools, resources and events that can help students during their time at University and develop strategies that can be used every day to improve their wellbeing and mental health.

Do you budget? (19/11/2020 - 18/01/2021)

Votes %
Of course! 203 45%
Sometimes 58 13%
I try to 129 29%
Occasionally 23 5%
Never 35 8%
Total - 449 100%

Managing your money at University can be a challenge. The Student Money Advice Team can help you make informed decisions about your finances and offer advice on managing your money. Contact us by email or book an appointment for further support.