Repeating Part of Your Course - Funding Implications

The funding implications of repeating part of your course can be significant and complicated. You must notify your Student Finance provider that you are repeating and, depending on the reason you are repeating and your personal academic history, the financial support you receive for your repeat year may be affected.

If you have already had your student finance approved for the next academic year and cannot make changes to your funding application online, then you may need to ask the University’s Student Records Team to submit a ‘change of circumstances’ to your funding provider on your behalf – this may include a different tuition fee charge.

Your funding provider will provide further guidance based on your individual circumstances. If you are unsure who your provider is, or would like further advice based on your individual circumstances, please contact the Student Money Advice Team.

Who this page is for

The information on this page applies to students from Wales, England or Northern Ireland undertaking full-time undergraduate courses who are eligible to apply for statutory government funding from the relevant Student Finance provider (e.g. Student Finance Wales).
The information does not apply to:

  • students from Scotland, who should seek advice from the Students Awards Agency for Scotland (0300 555 0505)
  • those in receipt of an NHS Bursary, who should contact NHS Awards Unit (029 2090 5380).
  • postgraduate students, who should contact their funding provider directly– see ‘Useful Contacts’ section below.

'Plus one' entitlement

Generally, eligible students who have no previous experience of studying at Higher Education level before they start their current course are usually entitled to financial support for the duration of their current course plus one year. This ‘plus one’ year provides a safety net, should the student need to extend the length of their course, perhaps due to having to repeat a year. However, you should not rely on this until you have discussed your own personal circumstances with your provider.

Compelling Personal Reasons (CPR)

If you are repeating your course due to what your funding provider considers to be ‘compelling personal reasons’ (CPR) (e.g. medical circumstances or bereavement), then the funding provider has the discretion to provide an additional year of student finance.

CPR should not be confused with extenuating circumstances. If the University has granted you extenuating circumstances, this does not necessarily mean the funding provider will also accept any CPR evidence you submit. If your provider accepts your evidence, then you do not have to use your ‘plus one’ entitlement during this repeat year. Providing you have not previously used your ‘plus one’, then this can be used, if necessary, later on in your course.

However, if you are not granted CPR and your repeat year is not your ‘plus one’ year mentioned above, then your entitlement to assistance with tuition fees and maintenance grant (if applicable) is likely to be affected during your repeat year - alternative funding options, including the possibility of changing study mode, will therefore need to be considered. 

If you would like assistance submitting your CPR evidence, or looking at alternative funding options, then please contact the Student Money Advice Team.

Attending a full-time course on a part-time basis

If you are undertaking a full-time course, and at some point during your course you need to repeat a number of credits/modules and are therefore undertaking less than a full academic year’s worth of credits (normally 120 credits e.g. 6 modules worth 20 credits each), you would usually continue to be enrolled as a full-time student as you are continuing on the same course of study. This then enables you to be considered for full-time student support from your funding provider for the terms you are in attendance. You should not be enrolled as a part-time student, unless you wish to transfer to a part-time mode of study permanently. Please contact Student Records regarding whether you can be issued with a Council Tax Letter during this time.

If you are undertaking a dissertation only during an academic year, then your funding body may consider you to be ineligible for student support, due to non-attendance.

Useful contacts

Student Finance Wales – 0300 200 4050
Student Finance England – 0300 100 0607
Student Finance Northern Ireland – 0300 100 0077
Student Awards Agency for Scotland – 0300 555 0505
NHS Wales Awards Unit – 029 2090 5380
USW's Student Money Advice Team