Smoking on Campus

  • Smoking is prohibited inside buildings and outside near entrances and windows
  • This includes electronic cigarettes

Our Principles

The University complies with the Smoke-free Premises etc. (Wales) Regulations 2007.

The University recognises that whether a person smokes or not is a matter of personal choice, but the location of where they smoke is subject to regulation.

The Rules

These rules apply to the use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigs), personal vaporizers or electronic nicotine delivery systems as well as cigarettes, cigars and pipes.

Smoking is prohibited throughout University buildings and vehicles. This prohibition is also extended to building entrances and the immediate vicinity of buildings, particularly where there are adjacent windows.

The relevant University disciplinary procedures will be followed as a result of continued non-compliance.

Help to stop smoking

Information and advice to help stop smoking is available through the University Health Service as well as through the NHS and GP surgeries; and via Stop Smoking Wales.