Student Voice Representatives (SVRs)

SVRs are a voice for students, speaking directly to the decision makers at the University. SVRs operate at the faculty level, they’re not just focused on an individual course.

The SVR scheme is run by the Students’ Union. You can find out who your SVR is, what they can do and even how to become one yourself on the USWSU SVR page.

Where Student Voice Reps fit into the University

SVRs are just part of the ‘Student Voice’, the means by which students get a say in the way the University operates. If you want to change something about your course or the University, there are several ways to make your voice heard:

  • Contact a Course Rep for matters specific to your course, and anything that is not urgent.
  • Contact a Student Voice Rep to change things beyond your course, or to address matters that are important and urgent.
  • Contact the Students’ Union President to ask for changes that affect the entire student body.

SVR huddle