Students' Union (SU)


- The Students’ Union represents USW students to the University
- It’s independent of, but closely tied to the University
- It is registered as a charity and as a business
- It runs several venues for USW students
- It runs the USW sports teams, clubs and societies

The Students’ Union is also often called “the SU”, “University of South Wales Students’ Union” or “USWSU”. It’s affiliated to the National Union of Students.

Getting the most from USWSU

USWSU gives you representation, helps you meet new friends, facilitates you playing sport, has places you can eat, drink and socialise during the day and night and also offers some work opportunities.

USWSU encourages every student to participate, as part of the Student Council, as an Academic Rep, a member of a sports team, a club or society, or as a volunteer.

More about the University of South Wales Students’ Union can be found on

Union structure

The Union exists for the benefit of the students at USW and you automatically become a member when you enrol on your course. If you don’t want to take advantage of all that the Union does and/or provides, then you can opt out by informing the Students’ Union.

Most of the people involved in deciding how the Union runs are elected students. Becoming one of these is an opportunity open to all Union members during the Students’ Union’s annual Leadership Race.

Student Trustees

There are three elected students on the Union’s governing Board. They carry the responsibility of ensuring that the organisation is running as it should. The Board collectively makes all the top-level decisions.

Full-Time Officers

There are 4 elected full-time paid positions to represent students:
  • President
  • Vice President Education Officer
  • Vice President Welfare Officer
  • Vice President Activities Officer
These positions last 1 year with the option to re-run for an additional year. 

Unpaid Elected Positions

There are various Student Council and SVR positions that form part of the Union representative structure.

Venues and Entertainment

The Students’ Union has shops, bars, cafes and night-time venues across the campuses. They are open throughout the academic year. For specific times and locations, see here.

USW Sport Teams

All University of South Wales’ sports teams and clubs are run by USWSU.

If you play at a reasonable standard try out for one of the competitive teams which represent the SU and University in the British Universities Colleges Sport (BUCS) league programme. Teams are selected at the start of each academic year and then train and play weekly, from October to May. In return for a membership fee, the Union provides all players with kit, qualified coaches, transport to matches, match officials and first aiders at home fixtures, comprehensive insurance and administrative support. There’s chance of selection for the Welsh and/or British Universities sides.