UniLearn Course Organisation Minimum Standards

  • In UniLearn (Blackboard), you should belong to a Course Organisation. This Organisation will include all students on all years of your course.
  • All USW courses should have adequate, accurate and relevant information on UniLearn.
  • To ensure this, the University sets specific standards that Course Organisations in UniLearn should meet or exceed.

All USW courses must provide a minimum standard of information to ensure that students are receiving accurate and relevant information about their studies.

This information will be available through the course’s UniLearn organisation, and should include at least the following:

  • Your Course Handbook
  • Information about your Course Reps
  • Information about your Course Team
  • Contact details for your teaching team
  • Information about where you can go for non-academic support
  • Information about external examiners
  • Communication across your course, including: announcements, discussion forums, e-mail, and Blackboard Collaborate
  • Links to student regulations (e.g. social media regulations)
  • Cover sheets and feedback guidelines
  • Responses to student feedback about the course

Each individual module within the course organisation should also include:

  • A description of the module
  • Details of how and when the module will be assessed
  • A schedule of how your module will be delivered, with a summary of activities by week or topic
  • Up-to-date learning materials
  • An online reading list
  • Module evaluation forms

Twice a year, you’ll also have the opportunity to give feedback about your course with an evaluation survey.

You can find more details about USW’s minimum requirements standards and policies by visiting the Centre for Excellence in Learning & Teaching.